Joining the lab

Motivated undergraduate and masters students who are looking for additional research experience are always welcome to contact Dr Levita. Students who have some programming experience are particularly welcome to apply.

Third year psychology students

If you would like to complete your third year dissertation or literature review with Dr Levita, refer to the third year projects booklet to see which projects are available.

Masters students

Masters students are very welcome to apply to complete their research project in the lab. Potential projects are shown in the project booklet. Email Dr Levita ( to register your interest and discuss potential research ideas.

PhD students

If you are interested in joining the lab as a PhD student, email Dr Levita directly ( Formal applications will need to be made through the School of Psychology, University of Sussex. Further information about applying for a PhD at Sussex two routes

  1. Sussex Neuroscience 4-year PhD Programme

  2. School of Psychology, University of Sussex


If you are interested in joining the lab as a post-doc, email Dr Levita to enquire about availability.